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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Force, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood and Skitarii legions, and perhaps the Titan Legion, Legio Gojira (which will never happen because I don't have money for Forge World Titans).

Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Faction Focus: The Thousand Sons

Warhammer Community has a Thousand Sons Faction Focus today! WOOHOO! Time to bring on our psychic shennigans! As Thousand Sons will be my 4th (and next) army, I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with them. My Rubric Marines, Scarab Occult Terminators, Exalted Sorcerers and Mutalith Vortex are on the way, and depending on the codex, I might buy a bunch of Tzaangors to get a Brigade Detachment. If that's not feasible, then I'll just run an army made entirely of psykers (and the Mutalith Vortex)!

The Thousand Sons have always been my favorite Legion. Blame their psychic powers. Or blame me for reading A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill. That was one of my favorite Horus Heresy books, next to Mechanicum (also by Graham McNeill). And I enjoyed the Ahriman Collection tremendously. I'll get the Battle of the Fang soon, after I finish my current log of Gaunt's Ghosts books. We'll see.

Anyway, what do we get for our Legion Trait? Buffs to our psychic powers!

While I'm a bit disappointed it's not re-rolls of psychic tests or add stuff to our psychic tests, I'm glad it's not a copy-and-paste of the Grey Knights Chapter Tactic. Plus 6" buff is pretty good - we can Smite from 24" away now, which is bolter range. Not bad.

Not only that, we have access to three psychic disciplines. Dark Hereticus from Codex: Chaos Space Marines (I'm so gonna use Warptime for my Rubric Marines!), the Discipline of Change and even the Discipline of Tzeentch from Codex: Chaos Daemons. Take note, the 3rd is for Daemonic sorcerers only, such as Daemon Princes of Tzeentch and Magnus, and perhaps Sorcerers on Disc (we'll see). The Aspiring Sorcerers, Exalted Sorcerers on foot and Scarab Occult Terminators most likely will not be able to take the Discipline of Tzeentch. Oh, and the Tzaangor psykers too.

So what psychic powers do we have from Discipline of Change? The first is Glamor of Tzeentch, which basically gives our units protection from enemy units in the form of giving the enemy units a -1 penalty to their hit rolls (both shooting and fighting) when they target them. Awesome.

And then Doombolt is back! WOOHOO! Time to dish out mortal wounds! However, Doombolt is pretty expensive at 9 warp charge. D3 mortal wounds are awesome, but it also has the added bonus of halving the target's movement characteristic and prevent them from advancing. Cool. But with a warp charge value of 9, I doubt it's unlikely to go off, and furthermore we don't seem to have any bonus to casting psychic spells. Oh well.

That's not all. We also have awesome Stratagems!

Remember I have a unit of Rubric Marines armed with nothing but warpflamers? Yeah! Even though they're slow as feth (I've been spending too much time with the Tanith), I can use this Stratagem, Webway Infiltration, to Deep Strike them 9" away from the enemy, and then cast Warptime on them and unleash lots of hellish flames on the enemy! This will melt hordes into they who must not be named!

Want to Deep Strike more Rubric Marines to get them into close combat? Then look no closer than...

With this Stratagem and relic, we can Deep Strike potentially up to 3 units! Imagine Deep Striking a squad of 10 Rubric Marines with warpflamers with Dark Matter Crystal, and then having 2 more Rubric Marine squads with inferno bolters get within 9" of the opponent with Webway Infiltration. And also Deep Striking yet another unit of Scarab Occult Terminators next to them. That's four dudes that can fire and then charge! It's too bad we can't Deep Strike monsters and vehicles like the Mutalix Vortex Beast and Maulerfiend, though.

That said, the Maulerfiend is still awesome for Thousand Sons! Let's buff him with this other Stratagem!

Ha ha! Nice! This guy will be dishing out a lot of stuff to hordes!

Tzaangors also get their own Stratagem, which is pretty neat.

Chaos Spawn also get to be useful with Stratagems, but I'm not exactly fond of using they who must not be named...gaaah!

And we have a flesh-change Stratagem, which is...uh...

Well, seems useful if you have a Sorcerer or Tzaangor Shaman with only one wound left and is about to die (or locked in combat with an enemy). Cast a psychic spell, kill him (since he can't shoot if he's forced to fall back), then throw a Chaos Spawn somewhere 6" away, and then charge the enemy with it. Heh.

That's all the information I have for now, and I'll certainly be looking forward to playing with my Thousand Sons army once they're shipped to me!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tzaangor upgrade pack

Oh! I found it weird that the Tzaangor boxes on the Warhammer 40,000 webstore and Triple Helix have gone out of stock, but I found out the reason why! Thanks to Warhammer Community's post today, we know that we'll have a separate Tzaangor uprade pack for our Thousand Sons!

Not only that, we have eighteen - that's right, EIGHTEEN psychic powers to choose from! They also mentioned the Tzaangor Shaman and Tzaangor Enlightened, as well as the Mutalith Vortex Beast, which we already know since Warhammer Open Day. Or was it Warhammer World? Whatever that event is called.

Just a bit more news, apparently the Tzaangor Skyfires are an alternative build of the Tzaangor Enlightened, who will have three weapon options (so Skyfire is basically Tzaangor Enlightened armed with bows). And if you want, you can upgrade your Tzaangors with the Tzaangor upgrade pack, and maybe even upgrade the Kairic Acolytes in the Battleforce Tzeentch Arcanites Changecult into Chaos Cultists with the same pack. To be honest, I'll just use my Guardsmen as cultists, ha ha. Good thing I have a bunch of flamer Guardsmen that I can use for this too.

Anyway, I'll let you know more when I get more information about the Thousand Sons! I still wish I can run Traitor/Renegade Guard alongside them, but it doesn't look like I can. Oh well.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Thousand Sons versus Adeptus Custodes

Okay, I'm hearing some conflicting reports about the Thousand Sons versus Adeptus Custodes on Thursday, but while some people claimed that the Thousand Sons won handily on objectives, another guy replied that they won only because the Custodes player was rolling badly. I don't know who's right, and unfortunately I couldn't watch the stream because I was in class, and time difference. Whatever the case is, I'm glad we won, and wished I was able to watch the game.

But what do we know?

Here was the list:

Battalion Detachment 


Magnus the Red 
– Warlord – Lord of Forbidden Lore 
– Warptime, Death Hex, Weaver of Fates 
– Infernal Gateway 

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch with Wings 
– Dark Matter Crystal 
– Gaze of Fate 
– Glamour of Tzeentch 
– Hellforged Sword 

Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch 
– Prescience 
– Infernal Gaze 
– Warptime 
– Inferno bolt pistol 


Tzaangor Shaman 
– Force Stave 
– Doombolt 

5x Scarab Occult Terminators 
– Force stave 
– Temporal manipulation 
– 4 inferno combi bolters 
– 4 power swords 
– Hellfyre missile rack 
– Soulreaper cannon 


5x Rubric Marines 
– Force Stave 
– Inferno Bolt Pistol 
– Glamour of Tzeentch 
– 4x Inferno Boltguns 

30x Tzaangor 
– Brayhorn 

10x Chaos Cultists 

Fast Attack 

9x Tzaangor Enlightened 
– 9x fatecaster greatbows 

Heavy Support 

Chaos Predator 
– Combi-melta 
– Twin lascannon 
– 2x lascannon 

Mutalith Vortex Beast 

6 command points

Cool. The whole list comes to about 1,999 points, by the way. Even more cool. So what do they do?

First, Magnus's Lord of Forbidden Lore Warlord Trait gives him 1 extra psychic power. Second, it seems the Thousand Sons's Legion Trait is giving them 6" extra range to all psychic powers. 24" Smite, anyone? :D Third, no more re-rolls of ones for invulnerable saves. I was trying to find information on the new aura buffs, but it doesn't seem like anyone caught it.

New psychic spells:
- Glamor of Tzeentch causes enemy units to shoot with a -1 penalty at your buffed unit.
- Doombolt is back! Mortal wounds and halves the movement distance of the target.
- Temporal Manipulation gives free re-roll for anything later in the turn (basically free Command Re-roll).

Take note that Aspiring Sorcerers and Scarab Occult Sorcerers can now take spells from several different tables of powers. Keeps access to Dark Hereticus, and we have a new Tzeentch table. Possibly another one, but don't get your hopes too high up yet.

Tzaangor Enlightened automatically wounds on hit rolls of 6s. In other words, if you roll a 6 for your hit rolls, that's a wound, no need to roll to wound for that hit. However, it's not a mortal wound, so your opponent still has his armor saves. You can take a maximum of 9 in a unit, and boy are they fast. I'm talking about movement speed fast. They also have 3 equipment options, and the ones they used in the battle report was Fatecaster, which was the bow and arrow one.

Tzaangor Shaman is an Elite, and he has the ability to re-roll psychic tests for his first spell in the game. So only once per game, but I guess it's better than nothing.

Tzaangors have Death to the False Emperor, can be taken in units of up to 40, and if you take 20 or more, they get +1 to their hit rolls.

Mutalith Vortex has an invulnerable save, 14 wounds, and can regenerate a wound every turn (basically like any other Daemon engines), buffs the units around it via auras - you have to roll for the buffs, and explodes when killed. Ouch.

Our Marines have Veterans of the Long War! Yay!

Speaking of which, Dark Metal Crystal is a relic that is one-use and allows you to remove a unit from the table and then Deep Strike...cough, I mean redeploy them anywhere in the table. Not enough? Then you can spend 2 Command Points to place a unit of Thousand Sons in the Webway before the game and then Deep Strike them.

Thousand Sons also have a Stratagem to improve their psychic tests. Hope to the Emperor that it's not the awful must be 6" away from 2 other Sorcerers in Chapter Approved.

Yeah, and I got the information from the Dakka Dakka thread. Someone complained about the 40 Tzaangor models to 11 Thousand Sons models (not including Magnus). I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but your horde units are supposed to outnumber your main, elite units. Like...duh? That's the point? What's the point of bringing a Tzaangor horde if they don't outnumber the Thousand Sons Marines? It's like me complaining that I have more infantry models than tanks in a tank army. Like, duh? You have 10 Guardsmen in one unit, minimum, compared to 1 tank in one unit.

If we break down to unit sizes, it was actually 3 Thousand Son marine units and 3 Tzaangor units. And we haven't counted Magnus, the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (who was a former Marine), or even the Thousand Sons Predator. I don't know what to say. The whole whining about how the Thousand Sons are dead and how this is Codex: Tzaangor has seriously gotten out of hand. It's natural if your horde units outnumber your Marines in terms of models - that's their freaking job! And in terms of units, you actually have more Marine units than Tzaangors! Calm down, people!

Anyway, that's all the information I have for now. I'll update you guys when I find out more. Till then! For the Emperor!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Codex: Thousand Sons and not Codex: Tzaangors

Well, technically, my semester had begun yesterday (Tuesday, January 16th). I just finished my homework and stuff, so I'm going to let you guys know that my updates will be less sporadic because of school.

Don't worry, there will be more updates once the Thousand Sons codex drops - I guarantee I'll cover that no matter how late I am. For now, I apologize for the lack of updates.

By the way, I see people complaining that the new Thousand Sons codex will be Codex: Tzaangor all because Games Workshop announced that the Tzaangor units will be ported over from Age of Sigmar. Calm down, people. They are just new options. That doesn't mean that Tzaangors will be the only viable way to play, nor does it mean the Tzaangors will take center stage and become the focus of the new codex. Besides, we don't even have the codex yet! Where are you guys getting the information from? I mean, it's a leap to conclude that the codex will be based mostly on Tzaangors or that they'll be the only viable way to play Thousand Sons just from what little information we have!

Let's wait for more information before hitting the panic button and raging about how Thousand Sons is no longer Thousand Sons but all about Tzaangors, all right?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Forge World news - Fires of Cyraxus and Thousand Sons release

Hey, guys. I can't find the official source or confirmation, but I heard from the Discord server for Warhammer 40,000 that Fires of Cyraxus will be released "no later than March."

I don't know how true this is, so for now assume that it is a rumor and take it with a lot of salt. According to the guy on Discord, the source was from the Warhammer World Open Day on Saturday when they asked one of the Forge World staff. If true, then we'll be getting Fires of Cyraxus around March.

Haechi: From my inside infos, the TS codex was delayed until unknown times and therefore there was a big gap in the previsions for February. I guess now for some reason it's back on schedule ! So now we have Custodes-Thousand Sons-T'au-Necrons-Dark Eldars-Harlquins.
Another guy: So, T'au codex have a possibility to be released in mid Feb then. yeah! :smile: :smile: :D  
Haechi: No, that gap is filled again by Thousand Sons haha. We have Daemons soon, Custodes last week of January, and probably for 3 more weeks because of multiple releases, then Thousand Sons, mid/end of Feb, and finally T'au around mid March. Keep in mind I don't have the exact dates, my source just says it like "early, late, mid, of a month

That's what he wrote, so we can assume that Thousand Sons will be released in February, then Imperial Armor: Fires of Cyraxus in March or so. I'm still building my Thanatar, who is half-built because it's resin and my plastic glue isn't working on him. I've ordered Citadel superglue (along with plasma guns, a Culexus Assassin and a Sentinel) almost two weeks ago, but there shows no sign of them being dispatched. Bloody hell, I was planning on building them before the semester begins, but it looks like it's impossible.

Oh well. I have no idea what's the delay with the Warhammer 40,000 web store delivery, but we'll find out soon enough. For now I'll wait for my Thousand Sons to be shipped over.

Another thing I received, a so-called Forge World product, is a new Leman Russ Annihilator. So now I have 2 Leman Russ Annihilator tanks!

Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum or Imperial Guard Leman Russ Annihilator

Looks absolutely beautiful. Cool! I love the paint. Unfortunately it's missing one sponson, but I'm planning to fix that with a plasma cannon from the Sentinels I'm ordering. Unfortunately, as I said, the delivery still hasn't arrived yet...

Update: I received a reply from Games Workshop! Apparently the Sentinels have been out of stock for a while, and they're only returning this week. They should be shipped soon. Thanks for the response, Games Workshop!

This is why you should buy Citadel products, everybody. Fast and solid response, and guarantee that your products will be delivered.

Battle Report 23

Well, this is my last week of winter break before I return to school next week (spring semester is starting for the University of Minnesota). So I was trying to get as many games in as possible before the inevitable return to studying and cramming (and grading).

So today (or yesterday, since it's past 1am, rather...3am because it took me 2 hours to write the entire battle report), I managed to get a couple of games against an Orks player. Waaagh! I was looking forward to pitting my Imperial Guardsmen against Orks, especially after all the Ciaphas Cain novels and other Imperial Guard novels that I've read (Imperial Glory with the Brimlock Dragoons, Baneblade by Guy Haley, and Pyres of Armageddon starring Yarrick).

First Game

The first game was Dominate and Destroy (yay!), and we decided to do 2,000 points. I actually offered to not play my Shadowsword, but he suggested that I should because he wanted to try out my list. I was like, "uh, my Shadowsword isn't going to be useful anyway" because he wasn't bringing any tanks, battlewagons, Stompas or even a Morkanaut/Gorkanaut. But he wanted to test his list out against my tank list, so I decided to use him as a Banehammer, which he agreed.

The Ork list consisted of 2 Weirdboys, 2 Big Meks, 3 squads of 10 Boyz, 1 group of Nobz, tankbustas all loaded on a trukk, 10 lootas, 3 Killa Klans, 3 deff koptas, 3 Deff Dreads...and 2 Kommando squads, I think. Yeah. That should be it. I think he used a Battalion and a Vanguard Detachment.

My list was my standard Shadowsword list, except that I replaced my Shadowsword with a Banehammer. So I fielded a Spearhead Detachment of my Tank Commander in Leman Russ Executioner (with lascannon and plasma cannons), a 2nd Leman Russ Executioner, a Leman Russ Annihilator (I got a new, 2nd one today!) and 2 Wyverns, a Vanguard Detachment of 2 Tempestors Prime, 2 plasma Tempestus command squads, a Valkyrie and a Tech-priest Enginseer, and a Supreme Command Detachment of 2 Primaris Psykers, 1 Company Commander and 1 plasma command squad and the Banehammer.

Surprisingly enough, I finished deploying first for once even though I'm Imperial Guard. It looked like the Orks had many more units than me. Thanks to that, I got a +1 to my roll, which helped me tie the first time. On our second roll, I managed to out-roll him and claim first turn. He tried to seize the initiative, but failed.

Turn 1

I moved my Valkyrie up and dropped my Primaris Psykers, Company Commander and plasma command squad 9" away from the deff koptas, which were the nearest unit to my deployment zone. My Kamikaze Troopers deep struck inside a building to capture an objective. And then I used Smite and brought down one deff kopta to one or two wounds. The Valkyrie fired his lascannon, and finished off the deff kopta, giving me First Blood! Meanwhile his heavy bolters and multiple rocket pods erased a bunch of Ork Boyz, downing them to...3 guys, I think? The plasma command squad supercharged their plasma guns and fired on another deff kopta and destroyed it. The Leman Russ Annihilator fired and killed a few Lootas because they were the only ones in range. The Leman Russ Executioners couldn't do much because they were practically out of range from anything except the Lootas, so I killed a few more Lootas with them. My first Tempestus Command squad fired their plasma guns and wiped out the Lootas - oh, and thanks to that, I was racking up victory points because of Dominate and Destroy. The second Kamikaze plasma squad fired on the Big Mek and brought him down to 2 wounds because of his invulnerable save and being out of rapid fire range. My Wyverns were MVP. Firing their stormshard mortars, they wiped out about 9 Boyz. The Nob then fled due to morale, granting me another victory point. The 3 guys lost another guy to morale, but still had 2 guys left.

As for the Banehammer, he did almost nothing. He missed his lascannons' shots, his twin heavy bolters were out of reach of anything, and his tremor cannon, despite doing 3D6 shots rolled a 2 and 2 ones - 4 shots. I ended up only dealing two wounds, which my opponent failed his saves, and destroyed just one Killa Klan. The good news is that the surviving two's movement were halved thanks to the shot. Yay.

I captured about three objectives and killed 4 units, and with First Blood, that led me to having 8 victory points in my first turn alone.

My opponent then moved his surviving Boyz up, and his Killa Klans toward my plasma command squad. Thanks to my Tremor cannon, their movement was halved, so they were practically out of charge range. The Weirdboyz casted Jump or something and had the Boyz appear more than 9" away from my plasma command squad. The trukk moved and stayed behind cover at a building while his Deff Dreads and 2nd Big Mek moved and advanced. The final deff kopta also moved toward my Leman Russ tank. The Kommandoes then deep struck behind my lines, right behind my Leman Russ Annihilator, and the 2nd squad of Kommandoes deep struck right behind my Tempestus Command squad. They fired and failed to wound any of my Kamikaze Troopers because I was in cover and had a 3+ armor save. The other Kommandoes squad also failed to wound my Leman Russ Annihilator with their shooting. The Boyz fared little better, shooting and killing just one plasma gunner in the command squad. It was the Tankbustas who had much better luck, firing from the Trukk and killing 3 Kamikaze Troopers in one squad. Ouch. The Killa Klans also failed to shoot or wound the plasma squad for some reason. That was really bad rolling on my opponent's any event, both Kommando squads charged and even with 'ere we go! only one of them made it in - and started hitting my Leman Russ Annihilator. I killed one or two with overwatch despite using the Defensive Gunners Stratagem. The plasma gunners killed a few Boyz on overwatch, funnily enough, as did the Kamikaze Troopers, who killed a couple of Kommandoes - but neither of these made it in. On the other hand, the deff kopta did succeed his charge and got into combat with my Leman Russ Executioner. Oh, and the Killa Klans failed their charge despite 'here we go!But it was a 10" charge, so he needed a 9 or better.

I don't think the Kommandoes wounded my Leman Russ tank at all. Surprisingly enough, my opponent failed to kill even a single unit. So all he had was 1 victory point for that single objective he had his Big Mek camping on. I passed morale for both command squads, so none of them ran away, even the single Kamikaze trooper.

Turn 2

I had both my Leman Russ tanks fall back, while my Primaris Psykers and plasma command squad moved up to capture another objective. My psykers used Smite and brought one of the Killa Klans to just 2 wounds. In the shooting phase, my plasma guys supercharged their plasma guns and killed the Killa Klans. My Valkyrie fired and destroyed the deff kopta with his lascannon and wiped out the Boyz squad with his heavy bolters and multiple rocket pods. Meanwhile my plasma Kamikaze Troopers fired and wiped out the Kommandoes. I can't remember what else...I think my tank commander fired and killed the Big Mek. Meanwhile my Wyverns fired and decimated the Nobz, leaving just 2 or 3. My Banehammer fired and wiped out the 2nd Kommandoes with his twin heavy bolters, and his lascannons brought the trukk down to just one wound, while with his tremor cannon, he destroyed a single Deff Dread.

That gave me another 4 victory points for securing 4 objectives, and 6 victory points for destroying that many units, bringing my total tally up to 18 victory points.

My opponent then tried to move his Weirdboyz up and Smite my Primaris Psykers, while his 2 surviving Deff Dreads and the accompanying Big Mek moved and advanced. His trukk stayed where it was while the two surviving Boyz in the last squad ran forward toward my plasma command squad.

I managed to deny the witch with my 2 Primaris Psykers and the Weirdboyz's Smite fizzled out. Or maybe they killed 1 or 2 plasma guys because I failed to deny the witch with one of them. I can't remember. Anyway, Orks' shooting being what it was, they failed to hit the plasma guys. On the other hand, the tankbustas fired on the last remaining Kamikaze Trooper in the first plasma squad and killed him, earning him 1 victory point. I think that was it...he charged his Boyz at my plasma squad, and both guys got killed in a very lucky overwatch.

And that point, we called it game. My opponent had only 3 victory points while I had 19. There was no way he was going to win this game - I was too far ahead, and he killed only one of my units and wounded none of my tanks. It was a uphill battle for him. There was no way he could catch up now.

So we decided to stop the game and play a 2nd, smaller game of 1,000 points. This one worked out much better and was more even.

Second Game

This time, the mission was Scorched Earth. We had a thousand points for each army, so I had to adjust my list. My opponent brought a Weirdboy, a Painboy, a Big Mek, 3 squads of 10 Boyz, tankbustas, a trukk, a dakkajet, 2 Kommando squads, and a single deff kopta. I think he loaded his tankbustas and Big Mek into the trukk.

As for me, I brought my Spearhead Detachment of Tank Commander in a Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon and plasma cannons, a 2nd Leman Russ Executioner, a Leman Russ Annihilator and 2 Wyverns, plus a Company commander, a plasma command squad and a Tech-priest Enginseer.

Turn 1

Once again, I managed to get the first roll, and he failed to seize the Initiative, but this time he deployed intelligently and had all his units hidden behind a building and away from my line of sight. The only thing I could shoot at was the Dakkajet with my Leman Russ Annihilator and my Tank Commander. Between the two of them, I could barely kill it, leaving only one wound on it. Then the Wyverns fired and obliterated one Boyz squad, leaving just 3 Boyz, who lost 2 to morale, leaving just 1 Nob. Wyverns for the win! Unfortunately, with everyone else out of line of sight, that was all I could fire. I did gain 2 Victory Points for the objectives, but that was all.

My opponent then used the Weirdboy to cast the jump and had one Boyz squad jump behind my Wyverns, and also the 2 Kommando squads appear behind my Wyvern and my tanks. The trukk moved around the building and the tankbustas fired on my Leman Russ Executioner, doing 6 wounds to him. Between the shooting and melee (the Boyz and Kommandoes made it in when they charged my Wyvern), they brought my Wyvern down to 3 wounds. Ouch. The dakkajet fired and did absolutely nothing to my tank commander. Meanwhile the other 2 Boyz squad, including the decimated one, moved forward. Fortunately, he didn't kill any of my units either, so no First Blood to him, but he had moved his deff kopta forward to capture 1 objective and gain 1 victory point. The 2nd Kommando squad failed their charge, I think. I'm not sure. Oh, but I used Defensive Gunners Stratagem on my Wyvern and killed a couple of Boyz and a few of the Kommandoes, decimating them.

Turn 2

I had my Tech-priest Enginseer repair my wounded Leman Russ Executioner, bringing him to 9 wounds (I think). My Leman Russ Annihilator finished off the dakkajet with his lascannons, and his plasma cannons obliterated the Boyz. Both my Wyverns had to move because the uncharged one was blocking his fall back path. Thanks to that, he could only fire on 5+ and couldn't re-roll ones, and only killed three or so Boyz in the 10-men squad. Menawhile my Leman Russ Executioner fired and did a pitiful 2 damage to the Trukk. I think. My plasma command squad then pasted one of the Kommando squads, while my tank commander wiped out the other. First Blood to me, yeah!

Again, I gained another 2 victory points for holding 2 objectives and 1 more for First Blood, giving me 5 in total.

My opponent moved his trukk forward, as well as his two remaining Boyz, Pain Boy and Weirdboy. The Weirdboy used the jump spell and had the 7 or 8 Boyz warp in right behind my wounded Leman Russ tank. The tankbustas put another 6 wounds on my Leman Russ Executioner, leaving him with just 3 wounds left. The Boyz fired and charged him, and despite my Defensive Gunners Stratagem, I only killed 3 or so. If I remember correctly, they had about 4 or 5 left after overwatch. They didn't wound him, I believe, or maybe put just one wound, I can't remember. He had about 2 or 3 wounds when my opponent was done. Meanwhile my opponent had moved his sole remaining Boyz and trukk up to capture the 2nd and 3rd objectives, so he earned 3 points, having 4 to my 5.

Turn 3

The game was getting closer than I thought. I had my wounded Leman Russ tank move 4" away from the Boyz. My company commander and plasma command squad moved up toward the trukk to get within rapid fire range, but to no avail. Anyway, my tank commander fired and blew up the trukk, and my plasma squad fired on the tankbustas (who lost 1 or 2 guys), only to do a pitiful 2 or 3 wounds. The majority of them were still alive. My first Wyvern, who I repaired with my Tech-priest Enginseer and used the Jury Rigging Stratagem to bring him back to 6 wounds, fired his heavy bolters and killed only 1 Boyz, while his stormshard mortars killed a couple of tankbustas. The second one swapped his weapons, training his heavy bolters on the tankbustas and stormshard mortars on the Boyz. I wiped out the Boyz but the tankbustas remained strong. Oh, and I lost one plasma gunner to another re-roll of one due to supercharging my plasma guns. Ouch. Anyway, I earned another 2 victory points and got 7.

My opponent continued to claim the 2nd objective while he blew up my wounded Leman Russ Executioner with his tankbustas and killed my plasma command squad with his weirdboyz's Smite. Ouch. The deffkopta and sole surviving Boyz (a Nob) continued to hold the 2 objectives, and he earned another 2 victory points, giving him 6 to my 7. At least he killed a Leman Russ Executioner! That was a big victory for him. Wow, he was closing in on me like crazy, cutting my lead to 1 because he was capturing objectives.

Turn 4

I killed his tankbustas with my tank commander, my first Wyvern killed the Big Mek, and my second Wyvern killed the Weirdboy, granting me Slay the Warlord. Thanks to that, I earned 3 victory points, bringing me up to 10. My opponent couldn't do much and merely moved his painboy up. His Nob and deff kopta netted him another 2 victory points and he got 8.

Turn 5

My tank commander killed the nob, and it took both Wyverns to kill the painboy. At that point, my opponent only had one deff kopta left, so there was no point continuing the game. I would have earned another 2 points to get 12, while he could only get 1 victory point maximum from that sole deff kopta, who couldn't shoot anyone. So he surrendered and I managed to get another victory - just barely. The scales had tipped slightly in his favor thanks to his intelligent deployment, and honestly, my lead was hanging by a very thin thread. But I managed to prevail somehow through the sheer grit and determination of my Imperial Guard Armor. Phew!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Battle Report 22

Today I managed to get a game against Space Wolves! I used the same list as last time, but my friend changed his list, hopefully to improve it. Today, we fielded 2,250 points so I could add my Taurox Prime, an armored Sentinel and a lascannon heavy weapons squad to my list.

Hmm, I think his new list comprised of Canis Wolfborn (his Warlord, and he picked the Legendary Fighter Warlord Trait), a Rune Priest, Thunderwolf Calvary, Blood Claws, Wulfen, Lukas the Trickster and a Venerable Dreadnought in a Vanguard Detachment, and a Spearhead Detachment of Bjorn the Fell-Handed and 3 squads of Long Fangs with a bunch of lascannons, plasma cannons and plasma guns, each of them having a Wolf Pack Leader in Terminator armor and storm shield.

I used the same Imperial Guard list I took last Thursday (for some reason, Games Workshop still hasn't delivered my Armored Sentinel...). So basically my Vanguard Detachment of my Tank Commander (Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon, plasma cannons, Kurov's Aquila and Grand Strategist Warlord Trait), a 2nd Leman Russ Executioner, a Leman Russ Annihilator, an Armored Sentinel with a plasma cannon, and 2 Wyverns, a Battalion Detachment of 2 Company Commanders (1 with plasma pistol, the other with a bolt pistol and a power sword), 3 infantry squads with a plasma gun and bolt pistols for the Sergeants, a Ministorum Priest, a Valkyrie with lascannon, heavy bolters and multiple rocket pods, a heavy weapons squad with 3 lascannons, a Primaris Psyker, and annother Battalion Detachment of 2 Tempestors Prime with Tempestus Command Rods, a 2nd Primaris Psyker, 10 Kasrkins, 2 squads of 5 Kamikaze Troopers with 2 hot-shot volley guns each, 2 Tempestus command squads with 4 plasma guns each and a Taurox Prime with a Taurox gatling cannon, storm bolter and 2 hot-shot volley guns.

We had Front-line Warfare again, and placed the 4 objectives in the no-man's zone and our respective deployment zones. Obviously my opponent got first turn since his highly elite army had so few drops and he had a +1 to his roll. I failed to seize the Initiative, and he went first. He used the Cunning of the Wolf Stratagem and placed his Wulfen on the hunt. Meaning they can Deep Strike at the end of his movement phase more than 9" away from my guys. Knowing that, I spread out my tanks and used my Armored Sentinel, Taurox Prime and infantry to bubble-wrap my tanks. My Primaris Psykers, the Company Commander with plasma pistol and 2 plasma command squads were embarked in the Valkyrie.

Turn 1

My opponent moved his Blood Claws forward with Bjorn and the Venerable Dreadnought, and Lukas the Trickster. The Rune Priest jumped forward with his jump pack, and his Thunderwolf Calvary moved and advanced along with Canis Wolfborn. The Rune Priest casted the Storm Caller power on the Thunderwolf Calvary and...failed. Whoops. The Long Fangs fired most of their weapons on the poor Valkyrie and brought him down to literally just 1 wound left. A couple of lascannons fired on my Leman Russ Annihilator, but did only 2 wounds to him. It didn't matter - the three squads mostly fired on my Valkyrie, who was probably saved by the Hard to Hit rule. Good Emperor, he only had one wound left. Ugh. The Wulfen charged my infantry squad that was bubble-wrapping my Leman Russ Annihilator and decimated them in combat before consolidating into my poor Ministorum Priest. The Thunderwolf Calvary, thanks to advancing, couldn't charge. Probably the only thing that saved me. My opponent gained 1 victory point for First Blood. As usual.

My turn was a convoluted one. Basically I dropped my wounded Valkyrie into hover mode and moved him forward to grav chute my guys into a building to take cover in it. My remaining 2 infantry squads moved forward to intercept the Wulfen that was dangerously close to my Leman Russ Annihilator, while my Ministorum Priest fell back so as to allow me to shoot them. I then Deep Strike my Kamikaze Troopers in the opponent's deployment zone, with the plasma squads on the left and the hot-shot guys on the right.

The Primaris Psyker tried to smite the Dreadnought, but my opponent denied the witch for one of them, but I managed to put about 2 mortal wounds on him with the 2nd smite. My Armored Sentinel put another 2 wounds on him with his plasma cannon. The first plasma command squad then blew him up with their supercharged plasma guns. The second plasma command squad fired and killed the first Wolf Guard Terminator. On the other side, my Kamikaze Troopers combined fire to kill at least the 2nd Wolf Guard Terminator with their hot-shot las-weaponry before my first plasma Kamikaze command squad took care of the rest. Well, it was quite convoluted as I said, because what happened was that the first Long Fang squad had one lascannon guy and one Sergeant left, the 2nd one was left with only one Sergeant. The Wyverns fired with their stormshard mortars (their heavy bolters doing nothing to the Wulfen because of their Feel No Pain) and decimated the third Long Fang squad, also leaving one Sergeant. The 2nd plasma Kamikaze command squad then split their fire, with 2 guys firing into the lascannon guy and the sergeant, and then 1 guy firing at 1 sergeant. Fortunately, I succeeded in killing every single one of them, emptying the building.

If I'm not mistaken, my hot-shot volley guns did absolutely nothing...maybe killed 1 Terminator - my first Kamikaze plasma command squad was the one that killed the majority of the Long Fangs. Sigh...anyway the Taurox Prime fired on the Wulfen and did almost absolutely nothing. I can't remember, but I think they killed one guy at most. The 2 infantry squads fired, with one of them receiving the First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire! order from my Company Commander, and they managed to kill about 2 Wulfen or so. And one guy died from rolling a one for his supercharged plasma gun. Ouch. I remember by the end of my shooting phase, there was only 2 Wulfen left. Anyway, the lascannons heavy weapons squad fired on the Thunderwolf Calvary and one shot got through the storm shields' invulnerable 3++ save to deal 5 or 6 damage straight, killing one of them. The Leman Russ Executioners and Leman Russ Annihilator also fired on them, but I think I only killed another one at the most, leaving just 2 Thunderwolf guys left. I then had my 2 infantry squads and company commander charge into the 2 surviving Wulfen - despite falling back, my Ministorum Priest was still around to grant the extra 1 attack to my infantry. One failed the charge, but the other made it in, and my Company Commander joined in (I had to use a command re-roll to make the charge successful, which was dumb, and I failed to refund my Command Point - which was hilarious because I was earning 3-4 Command Points from rolling 5s and 6s every time my opponent spent his). Despite hacking away with bayonets, I only managed to kill one Wulfen, and the other survived to kill one Guardsman. Or was it two? I can't remember. Anyway I didn't lose many Guardsmen to morale, thankfully.

Turn 2

The Blood Claws and Lukas moved toward my 10-men Kasrkins, along with Bjorn. The Rune Priest moved toward my Valkyrie. The Thunderwolf Calvary moved right on top of my 2nd infantry squad, who failed the charge against the Wulfen, and Canis Wolfborn moved toward my Leman Russ Annihilator. Then the Blood Claws killed 4 of my Kasrkins with their shooting, and charged them. Oh, and the Rune Priest tried to smite my Valkyrie, but this time I was the one who denied his psychic spell with my Primaris Psykers. I failed to deny the Storm Caller power casted on his Thunderwolf Calvary, however,

In melee, the Blood Claws and Lukas killed the 10-men Kasrkin, wiping them out. I used the Counter-Offensive Stratagem and had my guys attack the last remaining Wulfen, but I only succeeded in doing one wound. Ouch. What a waste of 2 Command Points. He then wiped the floor with 3 more Guardsmen. Meanwhile, the Thunderwolf Calvary charged my 2nd infantry squad (whose plasma gunner blew himself up earlier) and killed 5 of them, leaving just 4 of them. Canis Wolfborn charged both my Leman Russ Annihilator and Ministorum Priest, and he failed the charge for the first one despite re-rolls, only to eat a lascannon shot in Overwatch and take 5 wounds straight. Ouch. He did run in and mopped the floor with the poor Ministorum Priest in combat, however. Oh well.

Oh, and something hilarious happened. The Rune Priest charged my Valkyrie, and took only one wound from a heavy bolter shot in overwatch. And then he failed to wound my Valkyrie. At all. Heh. It was just 1 wound.

Rune Priest trying to charge my Valkyrie.
I rolled for morale, and while the infantry squad embroiled with the Wulfen passed their morale test, the 2nd infantry squad lost 1 guy to morale because I rolled a 3. Now that I remember, I forgot to have my remanining guys strike back. Not that it mattered.

Anyway, in my next turn, I had my 3 guys fall back. Actually, screw it, I had all my infantry fall back from combat. There was no point having them tied up in combat with the Wulfen. Then I moved all my plasma Kamikaze Troopers closer to Bjorn while my plasma command squads, Primaris Psykers and Company Commander moved toward the Rune Priest. Psychic phase, and the Rune Priest denied the first guy's witch, but ate 2 mortal wounds from the second Primaris Psyker's Smite. Just 1 wound left. All my plasma guys opened fire on Bjorn, but because they were not in rapid fire range, I could only fire one shot each. Sad to say, I lost a Kamikaze Trooper to plasma supercharge, but I managed to put 6 wounds on Bjorn.

Nope...Valkyrie is still alive with one wound even after all that.
On the other side, my surviving 2 squads of Kamikaze Troopers opened fire with their hot-shot lasguns and hot-shot volley guns and killed most of the Blood Claws, leaving just 2 of them. Phew. But those two survivors and Lukas remained there to threaten my Kamikaze Troopers. Uh oh. I'll worry about him later. Back in my deployment zone, I fired the lascannons heavy weapon team and they failed to hit anything depsite re-rolls - I think I got one hit in, only to fail to wound...sigh. The Wyverns fired their heavy bolters on Canis Wolfborn but failed to take that one wound off him. Their Stormshard mortars fell on the Thunderwolf Calvary, but I think I only succeeded in wounding one of them. Can't remember if I killed him. Probably not. 2+ save because he was in cover against my Wyverns, after all. My infantry squad was ordered to Get Back into the Fight! by my Company Commander and they actually killed Canis Wolfborn with a lasgun. Yeah, get this. Not the plasma gun, not the Sergeant's bolt pistol, but a single lasgun round took down the mighty Canis Wolfborn. They weren't kidding when they said the humble lasgun was what accounted for the most kills in the galaxy. Anyway, after Canis Wolfborn was slain by a single humble lasgun shot, I earned 1 Victory Point for Slay the Warlord.

Holy Terra!

The Leman Russ Executioner fired on the Thunderwolf Calvary and despite the tank order to get as many hits with his Executioner cannon as possible, only succeeded in killing one of them. It was up to my Leman Russ Annibilator to kill the sole remaining Thunderwolf Calvary, and he did so. I breathed a sigh of relief when my opponent failed 2 of his saves and 4 damage killed that last guy. The lascannons fired on the last 2 surviving Blood Claws and wiped them out.

My Primaris Pyskers, 2 plasma command squads and Company Commander then charged the Rune Priest - and none of them...yeah, seriously, none of my first 4 units killed him. He saved against my first Primaris Psyker, and my second Psyker failed most of his hits, while my plasma command squads didn't do much and he saved against the little wound they did. It was up to my Company Commander and his chainsword to deal 2 wounds...only for the Rune Priest to finally fail that one save and he bit the dust. Deja seems that my Company Commander is always coming in to save the day with his trusty chainsword. Didn't he do the exact same thing against that wounded Terminator last week? Hack him down with his chainsword when my Primaris Psykers and 8 plasma guardsmen failed to do anything to him? Wow...this Company Commander is a master duelist.

Well, I essentially tabled my opponent in 2 turns. He only had a 2-wound Bjorn and Lukas left. I still had all my tanks and my Valkyrie, who had flown out of combat (Fly is so convenient), despite only have one wound left. The Armored Sentinel and Taurox Prime who did nothing during the second turn. And half an infantry squad - the one who had the honor of killing the mighty Canis Wolfborn with their humble lasguns, and 2 Guardsmen. And 4 squads of Kamikaze Troopers and their 2 commanders. And 2 psykers. And 2 company commanders, with 2 plasma command squads. As there was nothing he could do, and he couldn't prevent me from capturing all the objectives and I was on course to destroy both Bjorn and Lukas during my next turn, he decided to surrender.

Somehow I managed to win against a scary list. Well, I'm going to have to once again ask everyone for advice on behalf of my friend. How should he have improved his list? Is he bringing too many Long Fangs? Does he need more Wulfen and Thunderwolf Calvary? Those guys were terrifying. They wrecked my infantry and killed them. Ouch.

Anyway, I look forward to playing more games with my Imperial Guard. I hope I get my Sentinels soon so that I can field a Brigade. We'll see if they're more powerful that way!