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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Force, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood and Skitarii legions, and perhaps the Titan Legion, Legio Gojira (which will never happen because I don't have money for Forge World Titans).

Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Battle Report 20

Sorry for the delay. I was busy for the past week, so I wasn't able to type this battle report last week. This battle report actually took place on December 2nd, but as I was busily trying to finish my essays and other end-of-the-semester stuff, I didn't have much time to write a battle report.

Writing these things take up a lot of time, for some reason.

Anyway, I managed to get a game against Craftworld Eldar, and he used Altaoic (let me know if I mispelled the name). He brought three Detachments, a Battalion of 4 Warlocks and a Ranger Character with 3 Ranger squads, a Spearhead Detachment of some other character (Farseer?) with 2 War Walkers and 2 Fire Prisms, and an Outrider Detachment of 2 Swooping Hawks, 1 Striking Scorpion and a Phoenix Lord guy. It was a 1,500-point game, by the way.

I brought a Spearhead Detachment and a Supreme Command Detachment, so my usual Tank Commander in a Leman Russ Executioner, a 2nd Leman Russ Executioner, a Leman Russ Annihilator and a lascannon heavy weapons squad. Following which was 2 Company Commanders, 2 Command Squads (split between each Detachment) with 4 plasma guns each, 2 Primaris Psykers and my Shadowsword.

Before you go all, "how could you bring a super-heavy to a 1,500-point game?!", let me assure you that it was balanced, and despite his presence, the match was very even and ran all the way down to the final round in nerve-wracking manner.

The objective was Prize, so basically we have a single objective in the center of the table, which was a "prize" that can be picked up by any unit. The victory condition is for us to hold onto the objective by the end of turn 5. Basically, whoever is holding the prize when turn 5 ends is the winner.

We deployed, and the Eldar guy got to start first. I failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1

Turn 1 was brutal. Using the Fire Prisms' Stratagem (coordinated fire or something?), he wrecked my Leman Russ Executioner, while his Swooping Hawks dropped down and killed a plasma command squad. My Primaris Psykers denied the witch, stopping him from casting about 2 of his psychic powers. Not bad! But I lost quite a bit of forces in just one turn.

I retaliated but I didn't do much. I think I wrecked 1 War Walker and wounded one of the Fire Prisms, bringing it down to just 2 wounds, but was unable to finish it off. By casting Fortune (and me failing to deny it), the Striking Scorpions were basically immune to my plasma fire, and I failed to smite because it was my opponent's turn to Deny The Witch. I also failed to kill the Warlocks. Ouch. On the other hand, my Shadowsword obliterated most of the Swooping Hawks at the back with his three twin heavy bolters. My remaining plasma command squad also killed all but one or two of the 2nd Swooping Hawk squad, but that was about it.

Turn 2

Here, the Striking Scorpions charged and killed my lascannon heavy weapons team, and my Company Commander performed a Heroic Intervention but didn't kill any of them. Oh well. The Warlocks, Rangers, remaining Swooping Hawk, and that Farseer Character killed my Primaris Psykers and last Company Command squad, leaving just the poor Company Commander on his own. Oh well. The Phoenix Lord and surviving Swooping Hawks then charged my Shadowsword, and didn't do much. Surprisingly enough, with Adamantium Tracks, I took quite a few wounds off the Phoenix Lord! It was also this turn when my opponent wised up to the danger my Shadowsword posed and tried to put a few wounds on him. Maybe 5 or so?

During my turn, I tried to kill the Striking Scorpions, but once again, Fortune favors the bold and they survived most of the plasma shots. I did kill the last War Walker and finished off the Fire Prism, so yay. Hooray, Leman Russ Annihilator and Shadowsword! The Shadowsword opened fire with his three twin heavy bolters in combat and killed all the Swooping Hawks, leaving none behind. He then used his Adamantium Tracks and killed the Phoenix Lord by crushing him under his treads. Way to go, Shadowsword!

Turn 3

Between the Rangers and the Striking Scorpions, my opponent killed my Company Commander and Tank Commander. Ouch. By this time, I didn't have much stuff left on the table, with only my Leman Russ Annihilator and Shadowsword, while my opponent still had a bunch of Striking Scorpions, all 3 Ranger squads, the Farseer and Warlocks, and a couple of Swooping Hawks. And the Fire Prism at the back.

I managed to kill the Warlocks with lascannons and plasma cannons from my Leman Russ Annihilator, while my Shadowsword began moving up toward the building, where my opponent had snuck his Rangers in to grab the prize. He wiped out the Striking Scorpions with his three twin heavy bolters - by now his Warlocks and Farseer character were too far away to cast Fortune on them, so they went down pretty easily. I couldn't hit any of the Rangers because of their Dig In Stratagem that gave me a -2 to hit. Ugh.

Turn 4

My opponent charged and destroyed my Leman Russ Annihilator with the Farseer guy and Rangers. All I had was my Shadowsword. I continued moving toward the building and fired at the remaining Fire Prism, but like before, I only brought it down to 2 wounds. Ugh. The 3 squads of Rangers were virtually untouched by my twin heavy bolters, but I ignored them and used the Crush Them! Stratagem to charge the Farseer Character and hit on 2s in melee, crushing him under my Adamantium Tracks.

Turn 5

Knowing that he couldn't kill my Shadowsword, who still had more than half his wounds left, and his Fire Prism hitting on 5s and missing thanks to having only 2 wounds left, my opponent tried to get his Rangers to flee as far away as possible before my Shadowsword drove up to them and kill them. He tried but failed to wound my Shadowsword. My turn came and I basically moved and advanced my Shadowsword toward the Rangers, rolling a 6 for my Advance. I ignored and forewent shooting altogether, ignoring the 3 Ranger squads and the Fire Prism, and used the Crush Them! Stratagem for a second time. This time I did exactly 5 wounds and...wiped out all 5 Rangers in the squad (AP -2 and they only had a 5+ armor save). Any less and I would have lost the game because Rangers have Objective Secured. In any case, I rolled over and crushed the Rangers under my Shadowsword's Adamantium Tracks, picked up the prize and...won the game.

That was a crazy end to a crazy game, that ran close to the wire. I can't stop laughing at the insane manner of victory. Can you imagine it? Running a Shadowsword right over fleeing Rangers to steal the prize from right under the nose of the Eldar? It was hilarious. I almost got tabled - my Shadowsword was literally my only model left on the table. My entire army was wiped out. My infantry was eradicated, my Leman Russ tanks wrecked. All I had was one Shadowsword. In contrast, my opponent still had 2 full Ranger squads, that Ranger character, the Fire Prism with 2 wounds left, and a couple of Swooping Hawks. If I hadn't done exactly five wounds, I would have lost the game. It came down to those final rolls in the combat phase!

And hence the Imperium emerged victorious over the insidious Eldar. Emperor, I love this game and all the crazy twists!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chapter Approved 2017 Warlord Edition

Whoops, I forgot to post this up yesterday, probably because I was busily writing my essay and other stuff. But I received my Chapter Approved 2017 Warlord Edition yesterday! Praise the Emperor!

It looks pretty good so far. I'm going to try and organize an Apocalypse game on Saturday, but we'll see how it goes. Otherwise I'll be happy trying out the new Eternal War missions. Anyway, I'm pleased to have all the cards and the game trackers! Can't wait to use them!

You can order your copy online here or buy the normal edition from your local gaming store!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Games Workshop survey and Wyverns on sale

Warhammer Community is holding an online survey so if you want to provide feedback, here's the best chance to do so. And everyone who wants plastic Sisters of Battle, please write that in the survey too. Heh. SPAM plastic Sisters of Battle (I did that in the survey)!

Oh, and I also asked them to expand on the Thousand Sons range the same way they did for Death Guard.

On another note, I found 2 Wyverns up for sale on Ebay so if you guys are interested, visit in.stock11's page to buy his stuff. There are two of them put up separately - here's the first one and here's the second. If you buy them both, contact in.stock11 and he'll refund you the shipping for one of them. Otherwise they'll be going into my collection. They are beautifully painted, so I'll recommend them. Well, the meta is spamming mortar teams now, so nobody fields Wyverns but I'm more of a fluff guy than a meta/competitive guy so I'm not going to buy mortar teams and spam them. I'll take Wyverns because they look cool.

Unfortunately, what I really need is a Manticore, not 2 Wyverns. Doesn't seem like they're in stock. Oh well.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Battleforce Astra Militarum Battlegroup

Hey, fellow Guardsmen! Today Warhammer Community has posted about the Battleforce Astra Militarum Battlegroup. Visit the link for more details, but to sum it up, we have a Leman Russ battle tank, a Cadian Command Squad, 2 Cadian Infantry Squads, a Sentinel, a Chimera, and 3 Orgyns.

Now, Warhammer Community has offered a few suggestions on how to expand on this army. One of their suggestions is a Cadian Defence Force.

A second suggestion is the Start Collecting! Militarum Tempestus box.

Of course, there's also the Start Collecting! Astra Militarum box that gives you your third Troops.

Now, I'm going to offer several suggestions that may seem...weird. For one thing, Warhammer Community's suggestion to get Veterans instead of Troops might have some merit. But their advice about special weapons is weird. For one thing, you only have one plasma gun and one meltagun. That's not exactly a good thing if you want 3 special weapons for your Veterans.

So I'm going to offer some advice. Take note, this is not professional advice. The best advice is to buy whatever you want. My suggestions should be taken with a pinch of salt. In any case, this is what I have in mind for how to expand your Imperial Guard list. Now this is based off the assumption you've bought the Battleforce Astra Militarum Battlegroup and nothing else. Yet. So in addition to only the Battleforce for Imperial Guard, here is my list of what might be cool.

First, you might want to get plasma guns. 5 of them might be enough. How to get the plasma guns? Here, you can buy the plasma guns separately at the Games Workshop webstore.

Once you do that, you can kitbash them by cutting away those Space Marine hands and gluing the plasma guns onto your Guardsmen. I've done it, and it works. They're made of resin instead of plastic though, so take note of that. With these 5, along with the single plasma gun in your Battleforce, you can make 6 plasma gunners. 3 plasma guns in each Veteran squad. Perfect.

What do you do with your command squad? Well, give them a heavy flamer and 3 flamers, I guess. You can do Catachan with them and make use of their unique order to flush them out, while your Veterans can close in, make use of their plasma guns before charging into combat with Strength 4. Not a bad deal.

The next model you can add is a Ministorum Priest, which you should put together with your Bullgryns to give them that sweet +1 attack. Since you have Bullgryns anyway, might as well give them slab shields and the awesome looking grenadier gauntlets.

But how do you move your Bullgryns and Ministorum Priest into combat? That's where your Valkyrie comes in. Make full use of the grav-chute rule, people! The point is that you move your Valkyrie about 20" and have your Bullgryns and Ministorum Priest grav-chute 9" away from your enemy, then move 6" forward to make that 3" charge. Sweet!

With 2 Veterans, 1 Command Squad, 3 Bullgryns, 1 Ministorum Priest, all headed by a single Company Commander, you have a Vanguard Detachment. Put your Valkyrie into that Vanguard Detachment and you're set. Oh, and throw in the Chimera with double heavy flamers (if you're going Catachan) to cart one of your plasma Veterans around. The Sentinel and the Leman Russ tank can be incorporated into the Detachment, but if you want higher point games, then let's get 3 more Leman Russ tanks for a Spearhead Detachment.

You can either buy this Emperor's Fist Armored Squadron for three tanks or you could just buy 3 Leman Russ Demolisher tanks (I'll recommend just making all of them Executioners because that's my favorite variant). It doesn't matter, they all cost the same, and it depends on what you want. The Emperor's Fist Armored Squadron has 2 battle tanks (main battle tank, Exterminator, Eradicator and Vanquisher) and 1 Demolisher (Demolisher, Punisher and Executioner), so if you prefer Executioners and Punishers over the main battle tanks, you should just buy 3 of those instead. Otherwise the first is cool.

Either way, you'll have 4 tanks in total (thanks to the main battle tank you have from the Battleforce). Turn one of them into a Tank Commander and you'll have a Spearhead Detachment of 4 Leman Russ tanks that have Objective Secured.

So that's the advice I have! If you want to go to forge world or something, there is a way of converting one of your tanks into a Leman Russ Annihilator by using spare lascannons. What I did was buy a Heavy Weapon squad, built them with mortars, then use 2 of the lascannons for the Leman Russ tank to turn it into a Leman Russ Annihilator. But that's entirely up to you.

Anyway, I hope this helps, and fight on for the Emperor!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Battle Report 19

I meant to post this on Saturday, but I ended up returning home pretty late. So I postponed writing the battle report to today instead.

Anyway, I managed to get a single game in Dreamers Vault, against a guy with a Chaos Space Marines list. It was quite the...uh, experience. Anyway, he used Alpha Legion trait for his Chaos Space Marines and changed his list quite a bit. I've only ever played against his Dark Angels once (the one where my Adeptus Mechanicus army tabled him in 3 turns or so, I'm sure you remember that battle report), but his Dark Legion list looked a lot stronger. Unfortunately, after losing to the Tau guy with the Stormsurge...well, I say that but the Tau guy used Primaris Marines with a Repulsor in that game, he ditched his Heldrake and went for an Alpha Legion list which he claimed was much stronger. I gulped when I saw his list, and he was telling me how he was going to wreck my tanks or something.

But I'm here to have fun, even if I lose, so I decided to play with him regardless. He forbade me from bringing superheavies, so I wasn't allowed to use my Shadowsword or Imperial Knights (I didn't bring my Imperial Knights anyway, but I already knew that because he didn't allow me to take one when I played against his Dark Angels with my Adeptus Mechanicus). Anyway, his list looked something like this: A Chaos Lord, a Sorcerer in Terminator armor, 3 Chaos Space Marines squads with a lascannon each, a group of 10 Cultists, 2 Warp Talons squads, 3 Obliterator squads, a Helbrute with twin lascannon, a group of 18 Khorne Berzerkers, and something like that. That's about all I remember. He put his Warp Talons, Obliterators and Sorcerer in reserve, so that they can deep strike during his turn.

Since I was not allowed to bring my Shadowsword, I had to scramble and readjust my list, so I cobbled together a 2,000-point list by replacing my Shadowsword with infantry and a Sentinel. So in the end my list looked like this: a Spearhead Detachment of a Leman Russ Executioner tank commander, a Leman Russ Executioner, a Leman Russ Annihilator, a mortar heavy weapons team and a lascannon heavy weapons team, with a Primaris Psyker as the 2nd HQ. Then a Battalion Detachment of 2 Company Commanders, another Primaris Psyker, 2 Command squads with 4 plasma guns each, 3 infantry squads with a plasma gun each and an Armored Sentinel with plasma cannon. Rounding them out is a Stormtrooper Battalion Detachment with 2 Tempestors Prime, 2 5-men Stormtrooper squads with 2 hot-shot volley guns each, 1 10-men Stormtrooper squad, 2 Tempestus command squads with 4 plasma guns each, a Valkyrie and a Taurox Prime.

My opponent was supposed to go first - he won the roll-off, but somehow I stole the Initiative by rolling a 6. My opponent's face darkened immediately and the match was never the same again.

Before I began, my opponent used an Alpha Legion Stratagem to deploy his Berzerkers away in the back of one of his deployment zones. Basically we drew the Invade or whatever Objective - the one with the Objective marker in the center and one objective in each deployment zone, and we're supposed to hold them, gaining 3 points if we hold them for consecutive turns. The deployment zone was weird because it meant I had the center, and my opponent split his forces into two ends of the table. He actually won the roll-off and decided to take that deployment zone. I was like, "are you sure you don't want the center? If you give me the center, I'll have the advantage because I'll be holding 2 objectives." His reply was, "nah, you won't be holding the objectives for long because I'll Deep Strike my guys and blow your dudes off the objectives."

Well, suit yourself.

Anyway, he used the Stratagem to deploy his Berzerkers far away because they were deployed right in front of my forces or something, in plain sight, ready to get shot at. I think he was banking too much on getting first turn, but whatever.

Turn 1

After he deployed his Berzerkers, I started my turn by moving my Valkyrie 10" after dropping him in hover mode. Then I gav-chuted my 10-men Kasrkins/Kamikaze Troopers down in front of his objective and moved them there. My 2 command squads and company commander moved up toward that same objective, with an infantry squad moving in front of them to serve as meatshields (well, if it's shooting, it won't matter). My Primaris psyker also moved in that direction. On the opposite side of my board, my Taurox Prime sped toward the other deployment zone of my opponent's. Then I deep struck my Kamikaze plasma command squads right behind the Berzerkers, and both 5-men squads in front of them Berzerkers.

My opponent was not pleased at all.

Pyshic phase - Primaris Psyker used Smite, did 1 mortal wound and killed a single Chaos Space Marine.

Shooting phase - My Armored Sentinel fired, rolled for only one shot, and he missed. He did nothing. However, this is where the fun begins. Basically, my plasma command squads killed one tactical squad, and I lost a guy to supercharge. My 10-men Kasrkins/Kamikaze Troopers had the First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire! and managed to kill 4 in a 2nd squad, but with them firmly rooted in cover, one guy survived. The infantry squad fired, and his 2+ save (in cover) saved him from all the lasgun shots, only for the single plasma gunner to obliterate him. I can't remember what the Valkyrie fired at, but he probably killed several guys in the 2nd squad? I know his lascannon missed the Hellbrute, that's all I remember. The mortar squad fired and killed 4 Cultists even though they were out of line of sight (mortars are good). The lascannon squad fired and destroyed the Hellbrute by putting exactly 8 wounds on him. Nice! The Kamikaze plasma squads killed a big chunk of Berzerkers, while the two 5-men Kamikaze squads with hot-shot volley guns didn't do much damage. Maybe only killed one. The Taurox Prime fired and killed about 3 Chaos Space Marines in the 3rd squad, and my Leman Russ Annihilator finished them off with his twin lascanons. Wow. My Leman Russ Executioner (Tank Commander) then fired on the Berzerkers and erased another huge chunk of them. Out of 18, I killed a total of 12.

My opponent was not pleased at all. He was so furious he was chucking and throwing his models every time I killed them, to the point one of them fell on the ground and broke, and when I expressed concern and asked if he needed glue, he snapped at me. He was just hurling them to the next table and well, I guess throwing a tantrum? But in just one turn, I almost tabled him.

Apparently he lost all his Berzerkers and Cultists to morale. I don't understand, I saw him roll a 1 for morale for his Berzerkers, so how the heck did they all die? Apparently he rolled a 6 for the Cultists' morale so he snatched them off the table, claimed that I had won him by tabling him (even though he technically still had a single Chaos Lord on the table), and refused to Deep Strike his Obliterators and Warp Talons because he insisted they wouldn't be able to do anything. So I shook hands with him and the game was done. Just like that. It was my victory, but it left quite the sour taste in my mouth. I don't know. I'm not a power gamer. Hell, this list was something I cobbled together to make up for the removal of my Shadowsword. It's the first time I used it and I wasn't expecting anything. I didn't even expect to steal the Initiative!

Yeah, my opponent was swearing, "just one fucking dice roll screwed me." And he was livid, furious and yeah. When he left his dice on the table and I helped him collect and return them to him, he snapped at me, "don't touch my stuff." And then spent the rest of the night sulking or something. I didn't dare to do anything else, so I hung out with the kids and watched them play a Space Wolves versus Orks game for the rest of the night.

Uh...I'm not sure how to react or what I should do after a game like this. I won't deny it was satisfying to steal the Initiative and kill half his army in just one turn after being told that he would wreck my tanks. And let's be honest, I'm sure he would have wrecked my tanks if he Deep Struck his Obliterators, and his 2 Warp Talons theoretically would have killed at least 2 infantry units. Sure, the rest of my guys would probably destroy him the next turn (yay to plasma!), but still...I don't know. I really don't know.

What do you guys suggest I do?

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Chapter Approved leaks!

All right fellow Guardsmen, it looks like we've been hit by the nerfbat in Chapter Approved! Can't let the Imperial Guard...cough, I mean Astra Militarum steal the thunder from the Adeptus Astartes now, can we?

So what happened? Apparently our Primaris Pyskers, Conscripts, Stormtroopers' weapons (meltaguns and hot-shot volley guns specifically), Taurox Prime, Astropaths and Wyverns got more expensive. And bloody ell, Tempestus command rods cost 5 points now (well, I'm guilty of abusing them when they're free, so...)!

On the other hand, autocannons and force staves got cheaper. To break it down, Astropaths doubled in points, Primaris Psykers went up by 6 points overall (base cost went up by 10 but force stave dropped by 4), Conscripts went up by 1 point per model which puts them on par with infantry squads' Guardsmen, Manticore went up by 10 points, Ratlings by 2, Taurox by 10, Taurox Prime by a whooping 15 while their Taurox gatling cannons went up by 2 points (so basically my Taurox Prime with storm bolter now costs 116 points instead of 97, up by 19 points), and Wyverns increased by 10 points. Oh boy.

On the other hand, power fists got dropped from 10 to 8, force staves from 12 to 8 points, and autocannons from 15 to 12, and now Vanquisher battle cannons are cheaper, dropping to 20 points. Well deserved reduction! As for forged world, the Vendetta gunships remain the same in cost, but it seems my Leman Russ Annihilator dropped by 10 points!


In the light of these changes, I have to adjust my lists. The Taurox Prime has simply become too expensive for me to take. Ouch. A pity, but given how one of these bad boys murdered an entire squad of Intercessor Marines by himself, I understand why his points had to go up.

Draconian (Cadian) Spearhead Detachment
Tank Commander – Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon and plasma cannons 237
Command squad with 4 plasma guns 76
Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon and plasma cannons 192
Leman Russ Annihilator with lascannon and plasma cannons 212
Heavy Weapons Squad with lascannons 78
Heavy Weapons Squad with mortars 33
Total: 828, 1 Command Point
Draconian (Cadian) Supreme Command Detachment
Company Commander with bolt pistol 31
Company Commander with bolt pistol 31
Primaris Psyker 46
Primaris Psyker 46
Command squad with 4 plasma guns 76
Shadowsword with 3 twin heavy bolters and 2 lascannons 472
Total: 702, 1 Command Point
Kamikaze Troopers (Militarum Tempestus/Stormtrooper) Vanguard Detachment
Tempestor Prime with bolt pistol 41
Tempestor Prime with bolt pistol 41
Militarum Tempestus command squad with 4 plasma guns 88
Militarum Tempestus command squad with 4 plasma guns 88
Tech-priest Enginseer 42
Valkyrie with lascannon, 2 multiple rocket pods and 2 heavy bolters 168
Total: 468, 1 Command Points
Grand Total: 1,998, 6 Command Points

So this is my new list to go along with the Chapter Approved points adjustment. It hurts, it really does, but then again I've been crushing most people with this list, so...

Draconian (Cadian) Spearhead Detachment
Tank Commander – Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon and plasma cannons 237
Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon and plasma cannons 192
Leman Russ Annihilator with lascannon and plasma cannons 212
Heavy Weapons Squad with lascannons 78
Heavy Weapons Squad with mortars 33
Total: 752, 1 Command Point
Draconian (Cadian) Supreme Command Detachment
Company Commander 30
Primaris Psyker 46
Primaris Psyker 46
Shadowsword with 3 twin heavy bolters and 2 lascannons 472
Total: 594, 1 Command Point
Kamikaze Troopers (Militarum Tempestus/Stormtrooper) Battalion Detachment
Tempestor Prime with Tempestus command rod 45
Tempestor Prime with bolt pistol 41
Militarum Tempestus command squad with 4 plasma guns 88
Militarum Tempestus command squad with 4 plasma guns 88
10 Militarum Tempestus Scions 100
5 Militarum Tempestus Scions with 2 hot-shot volley guns 62
5 Militarum Tempestus Scions with 2 hot-shot volley guns 62
Valkyrie with lascannon, 2 multiple rocket pods and 2 heavy bolters 168
Total: 654, 3 Command Points
Grand Total: 2,000, 8 Command Points

This is the alternative list if I want more Command Points. I somehow managed to fit all of them inside this list at 2,000 points, at the expense of 1 Tempestus command rod. Oh well. But if I really want as many Command Points as possible, I'll try to form a Brigade like this:

Draconian (Cadian) Spearhead Detachment
Tank Commander – Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon and plasma cannons 237
Leman Russ Executioner with lascannon and plasma cannons 192
Leman Russ Annihilator with lascannon and plasma cannons 212
2 Wyverns 103x2 = 206
Total: 847, 1 Command Point
Draconian (Cadian) Brigade Detachment
Company Commander with plasma pistol 35
Company Commander with bolt pistol 31
Company Commander 30
Command squad with 4 plasma guns 76
Command squad with 4 plasma guns 76
Command squad with heavy flamer and 3 flamers 62
3 infantry squads with plasma gun and bolt pistol 48x3 = 144
3 infantry squads with plasma gun/flamer 47x3 = 141
3 Armored Sentinels with plasma cannon and Sentinel chainsaw 57x3 = 171
Heavy Weapons Squad with lascannons 78
Heavy Weapons Squad with mortars 33
Basilisk 108
Valkyrie with lascannon, 2 multiple rocket pods and 2 heavy bolters 168
Total: 1,153, 9 Command Points
Grand Total: 2,000, 13 Command Points

However, I don't have the Wyverns or Basilisks, so...we shall see. Besides, I'm satisfied with what I have now, and I'm just waiting for my Adeptus Mechanicus Cybernetica robots to arrive!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sly Marbo is back!

Guess what? Sly Marbo is back!

The original one-man army Catachan legend has returned, and he will be getting rules for 8th Edition! Not only that, if you buy his miniature you'll get an exclusive Sly Marbo poster! Sign me up!

The sources are from Discord and Natfka, but there are more details in next month's White Dwarf.

Some more pictures, if you want more.

And it looks like he'll be available from December 23rd onward!