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My blog is primarily my own personal fluff in the Warhammer 40,000 universe regarding the Draconis system such as the Knight House Yato in Draconis III, the Imperial Guard...I mean, Astra Militarum regiment trained there, the Draconian Armored Force, and the Forge World of Draconis IV with its Adeptus Mechanicus priesthood and Skitarii legions, and perhaps the Titan Legion, Legio Gojira (which will never happen because I don't have money for Forge World Titans).

Oh, and I'll throw in the Thousand Sons from time to time because they're my favorite Space Marine Legion. I refuse to believe that they are Traitors! They're just...ahem...secretly loyal to the Imperium!

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Monday, July 24, 2017

First mission for Fate of Konor

We're going to Astramis, people!


According to the website, this is what lies in store for us:

"Astaramis is a well-ordered and heavily defended hive world, the largest center of population in the Konor System and a potent symbol of Imperial dominance.
Having gathered significant momentum with their early victories on the outskirts of the Konor System, the armies of Chaos spread out across the region like poison seeping into the blood stream of the Imperium.
A vast segment of the Chaos armada descends upon Astaramis, the most populous planet in the system. With its teeming cities arranged in vast concentric rings, the well governed and prosperous hive world exemplifies the grand dream that is Ultramar. However, even Astaramis’ formidable orbital defence platforms and veteran garrison are not enough to hold back the oncoming tide. The Chaos armada launches waves of magmatic torpedoes, and macro-cannons obliterate planetary fortifications and engulf entire regiments of defenders in searing firestorms. Heretic Astartes and their allies slam to earth in blistering drop pod assaults, blasting apart anything that moves even as they march implacably onwards towards targets of strategic value.
During the Great Crusade, the Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman made landfall upon Astaramis. In the centuries since, the population has come to regard him as a saint, raising vast statues and temples in his name. Hearts emboldened by the revelation that Guilliman has risen from his millennia-long slumber to defend Humanity once more, they fight on bravely in the face of an unceasing onslaught. From the shrines of Saviour’s Landing to the vast and imposing Quintus Gate, the streets echo with the unceasing chatter of las-fire and the dull thud of bolters and high-explosive rounds.
Yet for all the tenaciousness and devotion shown by the people of Astaramis, they cannot stand alone. With every passing hour, the invaders push further inward, taking hab-block after hab-block. Xenos forces have also been spotted planetside, exploiting the confusion of battle in order to kill, loot or pursue their unknowable ends. Imperial forces have already been forced back as far as the hive’s innermost spires, and the outer districts are little more than a rubble-strewn wasteland. If reinforcements do not arrive soon then Chaos will have gutted the Imperium’s greatest source of manpower in the Konor System, and destroyed a potent symbol of Imperial faith."

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Big news! Warhammer Community released a post on codex today! Well, the first four codexes will be Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Grey Knights and Death Guard.

For the rest of us, Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard and Imperial Knights players, we will have to wait. Games Workshop is aiming to release 10 codexes before Christmas this year, and the Space Marines codex will drop in July.

The Index will remain viable, so don't throw them away yet. It's not like you'll get all the codexes for all the armies in the indexes right away, so hang on to the indexes for now.

But what can you expect from the codexes? You will get army specific Stratagems, Relics, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and psychic powers. You can pick your own Warlord Traits and psychic powers, which allows you to customize and tailor your characters and armies to your own playstyle.

Apparently we also get Sub-Faction rules, which means we get bonus rules for playing a specific Forge World, Knight House or Imperial Guard regiment. Sounds awesome! I can't wait!

For more details, visit the Questions page that Warhammer Community wrote for the codexes.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Imperial Armor Index

My Imperial Armor Index has finally arrived! It's thinner and lighter than expected, and does not contain a lot of fluff. Instead, it's filled with datasheets. Lots of them.

Here's some takeaways that I find interesting. The Vendetta gunship is now armed with 3 twin lascannons, so now they shoot 6 lascannon shots at BS 4+. Awesome. On the downside, it's pretty expensive now. It costs 230 points if you include the 3 twin lascannons, which cost 40 points each. Phew. However, the good news is that Vendetta gunships can now carry up to 12 infantry models! A huge buff! The last version in 7th Edition had them reduced to 6 infantry models, but now they're back to 12! WOOHOO! Nice!

Otherwise it's pretty identical to a Valkyrie. Yeah. Only the weapons are different, and it's pretty cool. We also have the Vulture gunship, which is better at anti-infantry if you give it the twin punisher gatling cannons. It now fires 40 shots. Wow. It also has the strafing run rule, which the Vendetta gunship does not, so you can add +1 to your To Hit rolls against units without the Fly keyword. It's also much cheaper at 160 points. So it depends on what you want.

The Death Korps of Krieg look like a cool army, and you can now take Death Korps Grenadier Storm Squad as Troops. Wow! They are almost the same as Storm Troopers and are armed with hot-shot lasguns, and can take special weapons. However, they can't take hot-shot volley guns for some reason. Oh well. Anyway, they ignore models slain in the Shooting phase when taking Morale test as an army-wide rule, which is pretty useful and fluffy. Their orders seem a bit melee orientated, with one allowing an infantry or Calvary model in the unit who is killled in the Fight phase to immediately make a single attack, and another, Without Mercy, turns their lasguns and hot-shot lasguns into pistol 2, which means you can shoot them twice when locked in combat. However, you probably will be taking them for their special Death Korps units and not the orders.

Elysian Drop Troops have a new Aerial Drop ability that allows them to Deep Strike more than 9" away from any enemy units. But they lose the Valkyrie/Vendetta as Dedicated Transport thing. Oh well. That sucks. They have one new order which allows them to ignores models who get killed during the Shooting and Fighting phase when taking Morale tests. That's about it. Probably the only reason why you're taking them is to have an entire army that can Aerial Drop. And no more spamming Valkyies or Vendettas for Dedicated Transports, I guess.

Titans are awesome. A Warlord costs a whooping 4,000 points, including wargear. Reaver Titans are 2,400 points and Warhounds are 1,500 points. Have fun!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Fate of Konor has begun!

Warhammer Community has a new post letting us know that the Fate of Konor campaign has begun!

I'm definitely taking part in this, so I'll let you guys know the results of my games or whatever.

As you know, I'm an Imperial Knight player, so I'll be fielding my House Yato's Lances. I want to try out my Onager Dunecrawler Spearhead support alongside my 3 Imperial Knights and see how they fare against the Death Guard or whoever comes up against me. I can't wait! You already saw my army rosters in an earlier post, so I'm using those.

I won't be able to do much, only a couple of weeks, before I'm recalled back to America for the new semester, so we shall see what I can do! Maybe I'll just bring my Imperial Knights to America.

3-way battle report

I call this a 3-way battle report, but it was actually a 2 versus 1 battle report. Basically, 3 of us played 1,000-points armies, but my 2 opponents ganged up on me. I deserve it, to be fair. I brought 2 Imperial Knights to the table.

I brought my usual Knight Paladin with a Stormspear rocket pod, and a Knight Warden with a twin Icarus autocannon. One opponent brought Necrons, with an Overlord, a Cryptek, some other guy, and 3 squads of Immortals and 1squad of Warriors. The other brought Death Guard, with a Plaguecaster, 2 squads of Poxwalkers, a squad of Plague Marines, 2 Hellbrutes and a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

Needless to say, the two of them ganged up on my Imperial Knights, and they took 4 turns to kill both of my Imperial Knights. Keep in mind, within these 4 turns, they did not shoot or attack each other at all. They were both focused on killing my Imperial Knights. Yet I lasted 4 turns against them. Phew.

In return, I wiped out the Death Guard's Poxwalkers, he only had one poor guy left at the end of it. I annihilated one squad and almost took out the other. I killed both Helbrutes with my Knights, but that's about it. I think I only killed 1 or 2 Plague Marines total, which was pretty bad rolling on my part, and my opponent made all his Disgustingly Resilient saves. On the other side, I almost wiped out one Necron Immortal squad, took out a few here and there, but Reanimation Protocols meant his entire army resurrected again right after he took out my Knights. Oh well. But at least I killed a lot. The Death Guard had less than half his army left.

I made a mistake by not concentrating on the Necrons first. Whoops.

Anyway, that's what happened. I'll try to get a game with the House Yato's Houkai Lance one of these days, and see how the Onager Dunecrawlers support fare. I've no idea how it will work out, but we shall see. Thanks and I'll let you guys know more when I get another game.

Army Roster

Warhammer Community released a downloadable Warhammer 40,000 Army Roster yesterday.

So I downloaded it, printed it and now I have them here on hand.  I even filled them out. Here are two versions!

The first army roster is the House Yato's Shuugeki Lance Army, which consists of the House Yato's Shuugeki Lance Super-heavy Detachment and an Adeptus Mechanicus Shuugeki Support Battalion.

The second army roster is the House Yato's Houkai Lance Army, which consists of the House Yato's Houkai Lance Super-heavy Detachment and an Adeptus Mechanicus Houkai Support Spearhead.

I think that's about it! What differentiates the Shuugeki Lance (襲撃) is that it's meant to be a Strike Lance. The Knights, as you can see, do not have carapace weapons in Shuugeki Lance. They are meant for quick, speedy deployment alongside Skitarii infantry and Kataphron Destroyers.

On the other hand, the Houkai (崩壊) is a Destruction Lance. Armed with carapace weapons, these Imperial Knights pack even more fearsome firepower and their role is to obliterate and destroy everything with overwhelming firepower...uh, why am I repeating myself? They fight alongside the neutron lasers-equipped Onager Dunecrawlers to form an Adeptus Mechanicus armored column, so an armor army in one sense, except that we use Skitarii tanks instead of the conventional Imperial Guard Leman Russ ones.

Go download your army rosters and fill them up today!